Ways to Get Involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved with our arts and cultural placemaking efforts. We are always looking to partner with creative, passionate people or groups who care deeply about their community.

Sponsor a Project or Event

Please consider supporting a specific project or event going on in our neighborhood! We are looking for strategic partners to support the artistic and cultural programming for our community. This is a unique opportunity to help build a stronger, more resilient Lower Polk/Tenderloin community, promote your business or organization, and be a part of a movement to reclaim pedestrian-oriented, public space in our neighborhood.


Volunteer at our events to help provide a safe, clean, and inclusive environment for our neighbors and visitors.

Examples of volunteer activities can include:

Workshop facilitation, Macaulay Park activations, Traffic guidance at alleyway events, ID checking when alcohol is being served, helping with surveys, etc. To find out more email [email protected]

Volunteer Form