Sidewalk Cinema

Sidewalk Cinema is pilot program from the creative partnership between the Lower Polk Community Benefit District and the SF Urban Film Fest that brings a quarterly series of screenings to the newly renovated Fern Alley in the Lower Polk neighborhood of San Francisco.

Fern Alley provides widened sidewalks, colorful street paving, and unique pedestrian lighting to the neighborhood, which is sorely lacking in public open space. Under the stewardship of the Lower Polk Community Benefit District, regular creative placemaking activations will be programmed on the alley, to ensure it remains a safe and vibrant community asset.

Fern Alley serves as the backdrop for the Sidewalk Cinema series. The first screening of the series features explorations of ‘Third Spaces’ – parklets, alleyways, sidewalks, parks, bars, and public libraries – that serve as places for building and strengthening communities, as well as the setting for inward exploration.

Sidewalk Cinema Sponsorship Opportunities